The Raiding Game [Game Balance Discussion]

I want to point out that I've spent a lot of time playing the following games: Day Z, H1Z1, Rust, and ARK, as well as a few other not-so-good "me too" survival games.

Conan: Exiles feels great as a gathering/survival engine, arguably the best out of all of those, IMO… but the Raiding Game is probably the worst (outside of Day Z, which had no meaningful base-building at the time).

I like the way bases are constructed, but, the way they are deconstructed really ruins the entire point of playing.


Primarily because putting raid capabilities behind an arbitrary leveling wall removes incentive for playing at all for players who do not have the time to invest in a single server of the game to reach maximum level.

A friend and myself spent about 6 hours of intensive building and gathering yesterday, and had a base with all of the sub-level 20 tools in it. We woke up the next day to have had it all removed, to a brick.

This does not generally happen in Rust or ARK, because, and here's the main point: Destroying bases in survival games MUST BE AS COSTLY or MORE EXPENSIVE as building them.

Not "raiding bases"… "destroying bases".

I have no problem having my base broken into and loot removed, as long as when I come back I can just repair a little bit of damage, rebuild a couple of griefed out tools, and move on…

But entire bases being liquidated by a couple of guys with steel tools, because they got to level 30 before you did? It really takes the fun out of playing the game pretty quickly.

I'm not even going into the absolute stupidity that is using an avatar to level an entire base.

So, how should it be fixed?

Probably the same way that Rust and ARK have worked it out… explosives and other means of breaking into bases require hard to acquire materials, and the tier of base that begins becoming expensive to break into should be available very early.

Just my thoughts on it.

I've had a couple of bases griefed which were in no way worth griefing, but still took 5+ hours to build, and I'm sure it didn't cost the griefer much to do it.

Oh well. This game will be ready for serious survival play soon enough, I guess. Everything else seems pretty solid.

Just my opinion, thoughts are welcome.

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