The problem with emblems and why I’m okay if they don’t carry forward…

I donated to the Napal relief. I streamed for 77 hours. I finished the original sparrow racing book. I've done all of these and more to get unique emblems (plus help people in need), but I can only show one emblem at a time. When I complete a new raid challenge, I equip the new emblem for about a day. How many of you will really equip the new emblems from the AoT book? At least the first half of them won't be unique and everyone in the tower will be using them. Or… at best they'll only highlight a single part of what makes destiny special to you.

My hope is that Bungie is working on a special character screen or a better way to showcase your Triumphs in Destiny 2. Imagine inspecting a guardian in the tower to see their crucible level, or how many raid completions they have on each mode. Imagine having a page on your public character that showcases all of the unique achievements such as donations, lighthouse, beta player, etc.

All of the data is already available by digging through or other third-party sites. Let's get a page added to our inspect screen that highlights the key elements we look for when inspecting a character. A page that collects achievements and more.

I've put together a quick and rough concept that i'm hoping we'll see in Destiny 2. Obviously we have no idea what character screens will look like, but I'm optimistic that bungie has considered our requests over the past 3 years and has put together something similar that would render emblems obsolete.

imgur album

edit: TLDR; show more info on guardians when inspected (like the images above)

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