The Problem is Gods.

So, I'm going to lay out a post that a lot of you are not going to like, but at the moment its a huge problem with the game, one that I think needs to be solved sooner rather than later.

I want to be clear about what type of player I am, before I go farther into this post, so that you guys understand where my perspective comes from.

I play on an Official PvP server and I'm the guy that raided your base, not only your base, every other base on the server. I blew open your walls with the explosive barrel deconstruct glitch, and yes I even jump glitched to get into your base. I'm part of a group who has taken two "unraidable" base locations, and yes I'm the guy on your server who hit 50 first (or in my case second, because one of my clanmates actually hit 50 first) and probably has 3x more free time than you do. I live in a truly "unraidable" or at least difficult to raid base, mostly because I pay attention to all the glitches available and build counters for all of them into my base design. I've also likely killed more than my share of people on the server. So, for all intents and purposes I'm "that guy".

So whats the problem?

Well the truth of the matter is, I'm at a point where me and the group I'm part of cannot progress, or at least see no reason to. Our group is the "Alpha" on our server and at the moment we're just waiting to get hit by a God.

To be clear, we have access to, and can summon multiple Gods. There are targets on our server who we COULD in fact God, and have been able to for quite a long time well before they ever reached the potential to do so. Our entire server knows we can attack anyone we wish with a God, and at this point we assume there are others who have finally reached this point.

At the moment, no one has unleashed a God on anyone in our server. Mostly because no seems to want to be first because of Conan Exiles version of the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Once you start throwing your God around, everyone's likely to start doing it.

Currently though, the only people that we know of on server who have even summoned a God is us, and we only did it because there was a sandstone foundation deep underground in a base we took and Mitra was the only thing we could do to remove it so we could claim the location. Technically, we summoned Mitra in our own base for one fucking foundation.

The problem is, our group is currently paralyzed. We see no reason to progress, because we know MANY of the people we've attacked are eventually going to hit us with a God. As such we have no reason to build beyond what we've already built, or progress farther than we've already progressed. I personally have been training a thrall army that's about 200 thralls strong at this point but they serve no purpose because they can't defend from a God attack, and because of the lag if anyone even got in our base they'd just walk past them anyway.

Gods need a counter, something that we as a group can work to in order to protect ourselves without needing 24/7 watch dogs who's sole purpose is to watch for a God attack.

With their tiny cast times, huge damage range, and relative easiness to get eventually everyone will reach the point where we are. The point where the game isn't worth playing simply because you know there is a game mechanic you simply can't beat.

So in short all I'm asking for is a counter. If you need 1000 archer thralls to prevent a God attack, so be it I'll take it and work towards it. If you need 10x the cost of the God in order to have a "counter god" be summoned at your base to stop it, then I'll do that to, but the game needs something, ANYTHING to give us a way to stop a God.

Until you do it, there's really no point in continuing to play on a Official PvP server.

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