The people on this Subreddit are actually making me worried…

I understand it's only been a week since the release of For Honor but I'm seeing tons of posts claiming the game is already dying. That there's no going back from what has already happened. That the player base is going to crumble. They blame the developers for not being transparent and allowing the game to go to shit.

Some issues seem to hold merit. I understand connection is an issue right now. Balance issues are always gonna be there in fighting games. Revenge Gear is OP at high Gear Scores. A devolving turtle Meta that makes the game boring at high level play – though this one seems strange considering all fighting games have blocks and counter blocks (grabs = guardbreaks). And even top posts on Reddit are calling out the bad reviews it may have gotten… I'm actually nervous to look at them, honestly.

I've experienced all of this a few times myself. It IS frustrating but fact is, I find this game to be so much more fun than I've had with AAA Multiplayer titles in the past half-decade, including super popular games like Overwatch.

I love the game for what it is but the more vocal people here have me worried that this beginning already sees an end. I don't wanna play a game that ends up going down to a 10k player base at prime time in the next few months. I'll eat the 60 bucks I spent but to me, it'd just be disappointing if I have to because this game IS really fun and has tons of potential. I'm sure I'm not minority here. I'm sure these posts are the vocal minority… they gotta be right?

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