The one thing you disliked most about Nier:Automata

I'm a firm believer that the more you like something, the more that you often tend to scrutinize it since it's something that actually matters to you. In my case, it really didn't take much for Nier:Automata to become one of my favorite games. I knew that it would make top 10 just from playing Route A and Route B, but as soon as Route C started, it jumped up quite a bit. Ending E was the final nail that made this one of, if not my overall, favorite games. Yet, it's by no means perfect.


The absolute one thing that I disliked more than anything else about this game and would more than LOVE Yoko Taro to change if he ever had the opportunity to is the role of A2 in the plot. She quickly became my favorite character in both playstyle and personality, so I was very eager to know more about her. However, the amount of coverage that she receives is just so minimal compared to 2B and 9S. For instance, she only says ONE line of dialogue in her single appearance during both Route A and Route B. I would have also liked her backstory to be presented in a better way. I know that there's Yoko Taro's play that precisely explains A2's backstory, but I'm really not a fan of multi-media works. I find that they're more than often a cover for "We didn't have time and/or budget to implement this into our game", and the end-product game suffers for this in some degree.


So, what is the one thing that you least like? It could be as major or as minor as you want. I'm just curious to see what aspects of the game strike you as odd or "bad." If you think that the game is absolutely perfect, then there's obviously no need to post.

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