The one thing I wanted to do the most, and the game DELIVERED

Ever since I stepped out of that Resurrection chamber and looked out at the vast expanse of Hyrule as the title screen came up, the alluring and towering image of Death Mountain called to me. I thought back to what was said about this game recently: "If you can see it, you can go to it."

As I finally completed the Goron City quest (and after 50 hours of playing), I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't get to go all the way up the mountain. So, after I had defeated the Divine Beast, I made it a mission to see if I could get to the top. So I suited up my Firebreaker Armour and set off to reach that summit. It took about ten to fifteen minutes of climbing up multiple cliff faces, having to sometimes even paraglide across to another rock face lower down the volcano to find better points to stand to recharge stamina, but I finally MADE IT.

It was an incredible feeling, like I'd truly conquered the game for some reason. I of course soon realised you could WARP to the summit once you beat the Divine Beast but it didn't matter too much, I'd made it, and the game let me make it. I just loved that you could do it on your own.

I will always say to players of this game, you haven't lived, you haven't breathed, until you've scaled Death Mountain, then shield surfed all the way down before rag dolling to your death. I love this game.

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