The Official Lawbringer Buff Discussion Thread

LAWBRINGER! He wields the M o S t V e R s I t I l e W e A p O n ever made. His shouts can summon a Daubney at a moments notice. His "Hnng Hnng Hnng Hnng's " terrify his opponents.

Yet, LB is seen as one of the weaker characters in the game. The question is, HOW CAN WE FIX THAT.

(I'm not going to say definitively what needs to happen, because well I'm not a game designer. But, if anyone has any ideas, I will most certainly add them to this post.)

Any LB main ( such as myself ) will tell you that it can be tough sometimes. I mean REALLY tough. So what is it that makes LB bad and how can we fix it?

-He can't begin a fight-

Now this doesn't mean you can't fight, it just means LB relies on his opponent attacking first most of the time. His is a "counter-attacker" after all.

The most crucial parts of an LB's move set start with parrying or blocking. LB needs a better way than the 50/50 with impaling charge or guard-break to open up a fight. What would that be? I don't really know. NEXT

-"You're too slow!"-

LB has super slow attacks, excluding his top light attack. One easy way to make him more competitive would be to make his attacks faster. But I don't know about you but that just kinda seems boring. I have a better idea…

-The pancake flip-

LB can only get a light off of a successful pancake flip. This really bugs me because it's REALLY hard to land sometimes. Other classes get a free HEAVY when they knock people to the ground! This I'm sure of; If Lawbringer flips you, he should get at LEAST a side heavy.

  • TL;DR –

Lawbringer is hella dope and is way cooler than you, but his moves are holding him back competitively.

Please please upvote this so Boobiesoft can see this. If you have any ideas, or I messed up on anything LET ME KNOW.

ok I'm tired of typing bye

Edit 1: Some ideas by Ashes42

"Brainstorming: 1.Confirmed light on shove 2.Shugoki style hyper armor (would probably be op or need some tweaking) 3.Dauntless (some people call this hyper armor) on some set of heavies All/all side/ 2nd hit in chain 4.More damage on existing parry follow ups 5.Feint long arm into something that would beat side dodges"

Edit 2: IMPALING REPOSTE NEEDS TO BE GARUNTEED. Otherwise it's literally the worst move ever.

Edit 3: All these ideas are great keen 'em coming! It warms my heart to see so many of LB main brethren in one place.

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