The Nine

Ancient Athens was ruled by a group of Nine people known as Archons. The Fallen are the only group in Destiny that have a class known as archons, and we come into contact with evidence of nine fallen houses.

  1. Devils on Earth
  2. Kings On Earth
  3. Winter On Venus
  4. Wolves on Mars and in the Reef
  5. Exile on the Moon
  6. Rain referenced as the source of Kell of Kells prophecy, presumed all dead
  7. Stone referenced by a Kings Fall gun, presumed all dead
  8. Judgment in the Reef, Variks presumed to be last remaining member
  9. Iron only referenced in a Moon public event where we see a walker belonging to them, speculated as being the name for Tanik's "House" House Scar, who Variks says fought House Winter Briefly

We know that their Archon Priests would be the prime candidates if the nine were fallen, but they are mostly dead now. I just thought this was interesting, albeit far-stretched link.

Edit: I'd also like to point out that Skolas was released by the Nine.

Big and Final edit: House Scar is also mentioned by Variks as being a house that briefly fought with House Winter. That brings the total count up to ten, eliminating the possibility of The Nine being a collection of Archons from Fallen Houses.

Surprise, Not a Final Edit! Taniks most likely does not belong to house Iron, and it may not actually be a house. For this reason, I am replacing Iron with House Scar. Exile will stay on this list, because while it is known they have no kell, they do have lower ranks such as Baron, as well as the fact they have servitors and Archons are charged with the upkeep of servitors.

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