The new May 18th information for Destiny 2..

So as we now know a large number of the youtube/destiny community has been invited to play destiny 2 on may 18th.

As far as ive seen they will be able to Play and record all of what sounds to be 4 hours of destiny 2 gameplay.

This may be an unpopular opinion but..

This is something i hoped would not happen. When the TTK dropped the first mission was on youtube in full before its release. This was a little bit upsetting because it took away from it at launch (TTK was unreal/i am aware that i do not have to look at those videos)

I am not sure what kind of gameplay we will see.. But if 5-10 youtubers have 4 hours to run around destiny 2 and then go out and post every second of that footage..that seems like a hell of a lot of content. Any amount of story time is huge and free roaming will undoubtably cause for major coverage in whatever space they are given.

I am %100 aware that i do not have to watch these videos..but i am a part of the community. I have a raid team, i check reddit, im watching youtube. I cant possibly keep from finding out about any info weather its thumbnails or party chat, ect

Im sorry for what seems to be bitch fest i just had concerns in the past regarding content spoilers with destiny (missions/exotic reveal/raid details) and it seems like a lot of what might be seen in the first hours of destiny 2 will already be revealed before the release, crushing some hype and

venting, my arms are open to all sticky nades

EDIT: i don't want to go in %100 dark, even if i did everyone i play with wont be. Like someone in the comments moves to fast nowadays for this wish to be granted, ive accepted that….fuck it im hyped

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