The New Map for H1Z1 – Hopes Likes !

Hello all !!!

Im playing h1z1 for over a year and I love it. We know alredy the new map is coming soon 🙂 and the devs said there will be a new base building system. But is a new map come with same mechanic as h1z1 has atm? same recepies? Would be nice if a devs ask reddit what they would like on new map what kind of POI ect. I just hope they will not create a new terrain and copy and paste all POI from curent map.

Lets talk about current updates is there any point to keep update the old system where devs could spend that time working with new one?

I really like play this game and I hope the new map bring some fresh changes to game. Would be nice to be able upgrade the guns or attached things to them like scope or flashlight insted of just simple cover them with skins, also we should be able to craft fire arms as long as we have a gun parts.

IN MY opinion the new system should not be so easy to survive like the one is atm. I know the game is not perfect and zombie are weak and as long as they will not suround you in the corner they are not fret to any of us. You should not be able to build base within 2 hours and spend rest of game toping up a storage with tons of ammo or wait for corps to grow like is atm. I do relase some ppl like new system of spawn but seriously in some way the Just survive looks like Battle Royal. We also need some events every so often, would be nice to get a rare item just for participate.

This post is for share our hopes or likes to the New map 🙂 All ideas are welcome 🙂

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