The new city map! (Grand Valen)

Now when you enter a server it says in buttom what name of map it is. In this discussion i will write about ideas to a new map Servers could be more maps and more places to discover.

  1. Grand Valen

The big city is a place with alot of hideouts, Possible bases in basements, Alot of wrecked cars and cars without fuel. Alot of High Buildings. So high like the Empire State Building. On the top 1 parachute is dropped so you can parachute out. takes 30 min for spawn again.

Alot of roads and the city fills 50-60% of the map alot of city. Would be a city recommended for good pc. Alot of stores Alot of containers, Parkour Places


A new police station with alot of new stuff

  • Tasers (Already existing) Handcuffs + Keys
  • Police Uniforms

a locked door that brings you in to SWAT gear and more. You can kick this door in but it would lead zombies inside the building.

In this map zombies is living also inside houses and buildings.

Alot of new gameplay and incredible new places with cool stuff! A perfect vision of the whole city can be seen from The Highest super high building.

You are able to find new items like:

Flashlight: Lockpicks: New guns: DoorLockers. Helicopter keys.

You can board up houses and live in there.

You can discover the severs with new Special Creepy zombies.

New jumpscares.

A new big Central Hospital high building with a new Elevator added to the game.

Military Base outside the city with a Helicopter on the Building with ''H''

Required Helicpoter key

A big jail house outside the city with fences locked up security. In this house you can control all doors from one room, The Administration Block. Some cells might also contain inmate zombies. There is a C-block with inmated zombies. people can open the Cells by pressing buttons in the Administration block. Keys is found in Offices and Administration blocks. Handcuffs inside the Gear room. 2 ways in. Through the sewers where u need to kick doors in and kill zombies, or pass the Full security fence. gate can only be opened inside. This might be the perfect place to take over if need a base. But anybody can enter through the sewers. but not ''Unarmed''

Players cannot make bases in this map and instead takes over alot of houses in this big city.

from the police station you can Enter messages or speak through Police Car radios. You can comunicate with the world from Jail, Police station, And military base. You can also do it if you have a pack of AA – batteries and use it on Police car radio.

Some houses also have radios and are possible to communicate with if you change channel.

It's not possible to drive around the whole city since some roads are baricaded.

In the city you find new zones called Zone red:

The zone red is a red circle that goes arround the mao. whenever you are in this circle you are close to alot for strong zombies and big ammount of zombies. The red zone can be moved by sounds or just by time.

You can hide in your house in red zone. if the red zone passes your house, You have a big chance of dying if you exit while in the zone.

In the hospital you can get help by other players. if you are hurt, you can lie in the bed and get help by a friend. This makes your caracter more healthy and regenerate health.

All doors can be locked if you use a Door Locker. Door locker can be lock picked or bombed/destroyed by something strong.

The Hospital, have a wall made of alot glass. you can destory the glass. be careful you don't fall out. or you die. The hospital is a very high building and have an elevator. It have ofc. alot of meds and have rarely h1z1 – Virus – cure

Some stores in the city can contain rare stuff too. Breaking in can cause alarms to set off, which means if u are close Red Zone, You gotta get the f out of there.

Zombies can Destory doors! Makinf noise in ur house while in red zone makes your house filled with zombies.

You can make baricades out of metal sheet too. (only for windows.

Light Brings death. During night will the Red Zone follow most lights or sounds.

Hospital have a helicopter Place on roof.

My suggestions for new survival:

You can become uncunsious if you bleed too much. Other people can see when you are Uncunsious

They can press e on you and Save your life. They can hold you and bring you safe.

They can execute you by shooting your head,

You have little chance of surviving without people's help.

You can be bought into cars and helicopters while uncunsious. While uncunsious people can save you by Healing you.

If you are lucky to be uncunsious safe place. You can be lucky that your health reaches like 10 left and u wake up fast use bandage

When you bleed alot you become uncunsious not by getting alot of damage.

Underground mines. Undergound mines far away from city with secrets.

Vehicles in this map:

Military Transport

Military jeep





and maybe more…

Xtra parachutes is in case of emergency in the helicopter.

Helicopter also uses fuel and needs to be refuel.

The helicopter needs to be fixed flying with damages causes the damages to get worse and worse.

Crashing helicopter. The helicopter can crash anytime if some random ''new'' player maybe try it, big chance of hitting a building.

Hitting Hospital glass wall makes the glass to get broken at that part.

A Crashed Helicopter will appear somewhere near the Crash.

People can survive crashes by jumping out and hope parachute helps or by sitting still and hope for safe crash. When a helicopter crashes safe, You get 10-20 sec to get out before explosion.

The old Airfield!

An old airfield in cornor of map, It was closing already before the apocalypse now some recked planes left and maybe some gear in the airfield.

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