THE MOUNTAIN: Thoughts Requested on Plan for Mod

Hey guys since the mod support came out I have been thinking about doing a content mod for the game. I have some ideas and a tentative timeline, but i just wanted to run the ideas past you now. Please tell me any questions or suggestions you have. I wanted to run it by the dedicated fanbase here on reddit before I started work.


Overview: The mod will basically be the addition of some new content and features. Let me start by saying I love this game and think it has huge potential. Through most of your time in Exiles the main dangers to you are monsters and players. Though I myself have died several times from hunger or thirst. However, I feel this game could use some areas where the environment is even more dangerous than any players you might encounter. Somewhere so harsh that you must plan trips through it and make strategic decisions that can impact your survival. This opinion has got me thinking about adding a new area to the map entirely. On the northern/northeastern part of the map the landscape ends in a sharp cliff. My plan is to make this the start of a large area consisting of mountains. This would also include several game-play additions. Below is a breakdown of the mod.

Possible Mechanics/Additions:

  • When the area is entered triggers new character stat temperature to start decreasing
  • When you reach a certain temp you die
  • Build a fire to recover warmth
  • Some fires can only get you so warm
    • Bonfires can fully restore warmth
    • Campfires only restore some
  • Can put coal in a fire and add to armor to help resist cold (hot rocks)
  • New enemy
    • Ice spider
    • Ice spider spit reduces temp
    • Vulnerable to torch
  • Move slowly in snow
    • Encumbrance percentage slows move speed in snow
  • Snowstorm
    • Use sandstorm class to simplify
  • Meat freezes and can be used longer
  • Harder to find food but always have access to water
    • Melting snow decreases temp
  • Firewater item
    • Increases temp for short time * Decreases stamina
  • Some areas require snowshoes or you will die in snow
  • Sled item
    • Allows the player to load resources into it and drag behind
    • Penalty to move speed in addition to encumbrance penalty
  • Cold weather armor
    • Without you will almost definitely freeze
    • Make with leather and hides * If worn in the desert it increases temp and starts draining water faster
  • Temp goes down faster farther up the mountain
  • New item stove
    • Can be built in enclosed structure to warm inside
    • If left on it reheats quickly
    • Takes a long time to warm up * Increases in effectiveness until its warm
  • Decrease land claim radius
  • Large ice covered pond
  • Entire area one large mountain?
    • Many ways up
    • Few areas worth building
  • Trap
    • Drops you into hole
    • Cant leave
    • allies can pull you out with fiber bindings

Note: I also think this would be a good opportunity to try a few changes to the fundamental gameplay and am curious if the community had any suggestions. Some things im considering are: change land claim to work based on # of foundations placed, change movement; increase move speed but sprinting eats stamina quickly (works more like a burst effect), restricting player structure damage to only come from certain weapons, etc.

Obviously there is some further planning that needs to go in, and there's no way all these features will make it in initially. But I think setting up the temperature feature is the obvious starting point. Im thinking a time table of about 6 months would be the minimum amount of time to complete the majority of these additions. My plan is to have iterative versions available to download from steam. Im also considering hosting a server dedicated to play-testing the mod. This is a project that excites me a lot. I want to hear your opinion!

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