The mighty flying octopus and his outrageous power

Me and a few friends are on a pvp server where structures can be destroyed. Yes we are on top of a mountain and yes it is hard to raid us. But it happened! We got raided like 3 times so far. It's part of the game. The thing is, on the back of our mind, we fear that someone is going to be 50 soon and summon Yog to completely wipe us. Look, I renamed my character Bob the Builder for a reason. I love designing our fortress. When we got raided, people destroyed our doors, a few walls, our chests and forges. That's fine, our bad. The thing is if someone calls Cuthulu on us, it's my 100+ walls and ceilings that are getting wiped in seconds. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure it will soon! Could gods only destroy our beds, chests and stuff except walls and ceilings? Bombs are there for that! Why bother making a nice looking castle when it's only temporary? I don't want to join a structures indestructible server because I think that people will simply hide behind their walls at the smallest threat. Raiding is fun, killing is fun, destroying 100+hours of architecture in less than a minute is not. I don't mind rebuilding doors and stairs and a few walls after a good old raid even if we are offline. I just don't want to rebuild the whole thing you know?

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