The man, the myth, the legend.

I posted a comment on the thread about Allied being terminal again, it got some upvotes and I was really glad that hopefully it touched some people and some knew what I had went through. But more importantly, I hoped that people fully understood how much Allied inspired me.

I'm going to join SO many of us that will be making posts now and for the next couple days, so forgive me for hopping on the train.

"Allied my man, if you stumble through this, I've got so much respect for you. I've seen first hand what cancer can do, like so many have. I've seen the suffering. The fact that you've been able to fight this long, is amazing. You've inspired so many people and quite literally saved some. I myself was suffering heavily with depression around the time you had your first surgery. Watching you fight this shit every single day and put on the brave face, made me realise "What the fuck am I doing moping around? This dude is going through worse shit than me and I'M ACTING LIKE THIS?" I turned my life around, found myself help from a Doctor and I've been doing amazing since. I owe my life to you. I really do. If you had of been someone who just gave up, didn't want to fight for your life, I might have given up as well. We're all here for you. Whatever you choose to do, however much longer you choose to fight, we're all here with you. Keep your head up, you've fought something that some wouldn't last a day with. You'll be remembered by so many of us for the rest of our lives. Got my eyes getting watery right now ya fucker. We love you brother. If you can do one thing for all of us…just make sure you remember you are NEVER ALONE. Much love my dude, keep taking it one day at a time, one step after the other."

That was the comment I posted. I meant every word. I first started watching Allied in 2012, around August, and he was the funniest fucking person I had ever come across. So laid back, so easy going, had a smile that just made you wanna give him a bro-hug and buy him a beer. I spent hours upon hours in his stream, like so many of us did. I'm so happy that I was able to find his stream and enjoy his presence as a person. He was one of those guys who was just friends with everyone. Around the time of his initial surgery, I was suffering severely from depression, and as my comment above states, he 100% saved my life. I can guarantee I would not be alive if not for him and his courage. He fought harder than so many could ever dream of fighting.

I'm also glad that his family were there with him, I'm glad that he can enter the next life knowing that he inspired thousands of people. He's changed peoples lives, he's saved some, he's been a source of courage that I, personally, never thought a human was capable of. I'll be forever grateful to him for that. Chelle, if you see these posts, just know that we're all here for you as well. We all know too well that if Allied caught us all being sad he'd tell us to smell his balls and that contagious laugh would echo.

To Allied,

My final words to you my man. You'll forever be remembered. I can promise you that when I have children, I'll tell them about you. They'll know your story, they'll know of how hard you fought and how you saved my life. They'll know how even in the face of death, you didn't just keel over and give up. You fought for every second on this Earth. I could not respect anyone more than you. You were an amazing man, you made so many people happy. You made us laugh, you laughed with us when you'd make a stupid play in Smite, your smile was enough to have chat laughing with you. Even in your first streams after being released, you were still smiling. You were fighting through your pain, you smiled for your fans. You smiled to let us all know you weren't just gonna give up. I hope when you reach those pearly gates, you look down and see us all carrying on your legacy. You weren't just a "typical gamer" to the Smite community. You were the face of true bravery and happiness. God bless your family and Chelle. You're going to be in a better place, with no pain. Rest In Paradise.

We love you.

Edit: Just a little comment before someone mentions it. I'm aware that he has not passed away yet, but Chelle was very kind to spare a moment in his streams chat to let us know that he will be kept as comfortable as possible until he's able to peacefully pass.

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