The majority of the players are on console, yet we are being ignored

For Honor on console is a total disaster, where should I start? The 30 fps? Or the insane amount of errors and DCs? Or Ubisoft tatally ignoring the fact that PK and Valk are totally broken on console.

Imo this game is based on reactions and reading your opponent, in a 30 fps envoronment this is really hard and in some cases impossible, we see PKs who are doing nothing but switching guards and spamming R1 winning against players who spent lots of time in mastering certain chars, put yourself in that position, putting loads of hours practicing a character to get destroyed by a spamming PK who never even passed the tutorial. Is that fair?!

Not to mention the Valks lights, I saw a thread on competitive for honor stating that in order to evade the sweep the player has to take the first light hit and block the second one, is that balanced? I have to take damage in order to evade the sweep?!

And thats not all, the DCs and the errors are INSANE!!!

I consider myself really lucky if I completed any 4 vs 4 on console, it takes only one player to rage quit in order for the full game to crash.

I watched yesterdays dev stream and I was disappointed that nobody brought up the console issues, if these issues are not solved quickly then the game will face the same fate that is on PC.

I know that PK got nerfed, but that nerf does nothing to her, also why do we have to wait for 1 week to 2 weeks for the patches to arrive on console?! I know that it passes through sony and microsoft but thats not the case with some games like overwatch.

Please Ubisoft fix the game on console, its not fun anymore.

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