The Jing Wei rant: Why she’s in a bad spot and how Hi-Rez took an incorrect direction in “balancing” her

Oh boy. It's that Flare idiot blabbering about that bird bitch again. That's gotta be good. Well don't worry, I got y'all some pop-corn to keep you entertained through this one.

Alright, so I'm gonna go against my better judgement, and try to fight against the r/smite Jing Wei hate train, and give you my opinion and thoughts on why I, me, personally (As an absolute nobody) think she's in a bad spot, and how Hi-Rez took the completely incorrect route in terms of balancing her. (Spoiler alert, "Let's nerf the shit out of her whole kit to make up for the OP passive!" is the route they took.) I do hope to give a decent argument to it, instead of the typical "She's bad" or "She's totally good" comments that have been going on with neither side giving a proper reasoning as to why they think that way.

OK, now being a bit more serious: IMO both the Season 4 meta and the harsh nerfs with no real compensation just ended up destroying her. How so, you ask? I'd say it's primarily because Jing literally lost every single strength she had in her kit over other hunters. I.E: She no longer excels at anything. (Basically back to square one, to be fair.) Every single hunter…Well, except for probably Chiron (And Jing), excels at something. Even "bad" hunters have things in their kit that makes them good at doing X or Y or Z.

Jing Wei just excels at absolutely nothing, however. Please tell me: What is she good at now? She's pretty meh at boxing, she doesn't have much teamfight presence, she doesn't have much, if any kill potential on her own, her early game is garbage, her mid game isn't amazing, her late game is not good enough to make up for the bad early, she's not great at split pushing, and thanks to the Season 4 meta and her lack of clear, she can't even outfarm anybody anymore. She just loses lane then is mostly irrelevant in the late game.

Fucking hell, she isn't even as safe as you'd like to believe. It's literally her ult. If you ever get her without her ult, she's very easy to collapse on, because her 3 as an escape is just really bad. (Her 3 as an anything is really bad) Combined with the cast time of her 1 and the fact that you have to jump into it, it's literally slower than Izanami's 3, and can similarly be interrupted with CC before she can actually use the dash.

So…Why would you even pick her then? Now I'm not trying to exaggerate, but I actually can't come up with anything that she specifically is good at anymore that would make you want to pick her over other hunters.

And now to the 2nd point: The way Hi-Rez choose to balance her. Hi-Rez occasionally does this thing to a few unfortunate Gods, where they have this MASSIVE hard-on for a thing in the God's kit, that they will absolutely destroy the rest of the God's kit just to keep that one thing. A very recent example: Raijin. "NERF THE IMMUNITY FRAMES ON HIS 3!", nope, just butcher his entire damage output instead. Now he's just garbage. Hell, Thoth for all you know could also fall in the same pit, because they clearly don't want to remove his stun. So then they will nerf this and that and this and that all to make up for the added stun, and then you never see Thoth again for 8 months because he got overnerfed into shit tier just to keep the stun.

And this is exactly what they did with Jing Wei. On the very first patch they nerfed her, when they nerfed her 2 and 3, they said they KNEW the passive was the problem. But they didn't nerf it, because "The passive made her unique". Fast forward to Season 4, and what do they do? They give her passive a very minimal nerf, while giving a HUGE nerf to her 3 with no compensation, while also throwing up some random nerfs to her base HP and movement speed, which I bet are just thrown in there to make up for the fact that they aren't giving the passive a big nerf.

IMO the kit itself was never the problem. Like, her 1-2-3-4, even when she was at her best, was fine. But the passive allowed her to outfarm everyone, get a lead and snowball out of control, which AFAIK was what made her so strong. But instead, Hi-Rez wanted to keep this obviously broken passive for a non-balance related reason, and destroyed the rest of her kit instead to make up for this passive.

Finally, with the Season 4 changes themselves, the passive they wanted to so desperately keep also lost most of it's power due to her lack of early clear, and…Yeah, here we are. People are still arguing she's oh-so-amazing without giving much of a reason, when in reality she's arguably worse than what she was at her release, both due to the direct nerfs and the current meta.

She's barely viable, if at all in Conquest, and absolutely horrible in every other game mode. At least "bad" hunters like Xbalanque or Artemis are great and fully viable in casual modes. Jing just feels useless to play in casuals, even against new or bad players, while being boring and weak in Conquest. IMO all of this could have been avoided, had Hi-Rez simply butchered her passive instead of trying to keep it no matter what. The Season 4 meta itself combined with big passive nerfs would have made her balanced in Conquest, while keeping her just fine and fun to play for casuals as well. And if she was still too strong, then they could have toned other things in her kit down. But trying to explicitly avoid nerfing the real problem just didn't at all work out for her IMO.

So…Yeah, that's my rant / argument. Not sure why I even wasted 2 hours of my life writing this since nobody is gonna read it and just downvote, but, here you go anyway. I do hope you enjoyed the popcorn at least.

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