The huge amount of changes not listed in the changelog is very concerning, Funcom.

Changelog – 15.2.2017

A lot of people are probably just happy with the extra unlisted changes, doesn't really bother them. However I've been around the block for a while when it comes to playing games during their early development and even patches being done after release. Patch notes not listing all the changes is a bad thing, and the amount of stuff missed in the current changelog is a big redflag to me.

The following changes have not been listed –

  • Several monsters have had their health and XP amounts severely overhauled. T1 Antelopes no longer are XP machines, and things are more easily killable earlier on.

  • The water in the game doesn't seem to be solid anymore, meaning you can swing your equipment (weapon/tools) freely without "hitting" the water and wasting durability. Could also be the cause for the current waterskin issue.

  • Several monsters now have powerful wind-up knockback/knockdown attacks that can be blocked. Such as the crocodile, and rhino.

  • The rocknose is now an annoying beast that will knock you flat on your feet unless you have medium armor, and even then expect to get flinched when getting hit causing your attacks to be interrupted.

  • Single-player/local co-op currently does not show building placement preview making it difficult if not impossible to make complex structures offline. Workaround requires you to host a dedicated server off your machine or pay a host provider for one.

    Response from FunCom Dev – This is a known issue and only affects local play. Thank you for the report!

  • Structures seem to be more adamant about snapping to the weirdest angles rather than where your actually aiming. Meaning placement of structures is more difficult.

  • Stamina seems to deplete faster overall. I could be wrong on this one, just feels like it does though.

  • A lot of NPC exiles around the map have been given new "costumes".

  • Explosive jars can no longer be ignited using traditional means (arrows). It's time to allah ackbar to raid that base…

If anything is not listed here then feel free to post it in the comments.

Funcom. Get the communication between your developers inline please. I have seen too many companies make the mistake of not having enough communication.

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