The Global Trade Federation, your friendly neighborhood Merchant Guild

You're new to the game, or maybe you're a veteran. Regardless, you're looking for something different. You're looking for a guild that isn't just another generic pvp guild. As fun as they can be, you've been in pvp games for all eternity and you want to just make money. You want to create Albion's finest weapons, armor, and tools. Or maybe you want to be the primary supplier of Albion's very precious resources. Perhaps you love playing the market. Regardless, I bet you love silver and want to be filthy rich.

Well we at the Global Trade Federation encourage avarice and production. We are a fairly large and ever growing guild whose sole purpose is to become economic juggernauts. Let the pvp guilds break their gear, or lose it. We'll be here making a profit replacing all that gear. What's precious to them, is in surplus for us (but that's between us). We employ a unique clan system that only we possess.

If you want to join a very organized but relaxed merchant guild, if you feel there are more ways to progress in Albion than simply swinging your barely sharp metal pokers screaming obscenities, join the Global Trade Federation! Where money is power!

PM Trade Master Gwen #4381 in discord for an invite or questions. You may also whisper Gwendell in-game

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