The game is trying to force you into “maining” on character and its ruining the game for me.

I played a lot of shugoki, up to rep 3 so I could get the heroic stuff. That was all fine until I decided to diversify and play something else. What happened was everything I did I got matched vs people of rep 2 and higher, presumably due to me having a high level shugoki.

This should not happen. I am terrible at Nobushi for example but if I wanted to learn I would be forced into playing bots as every game would be worth someone many times better than me. With the current system there is no way this can actually be addressed. You pick your hero AFTER the matchmaking has done its thing, it cant know you are not going to be playing your best character so matches you as if you were. This is absurd. With such a high varity of heroes how can one be expected to perform the same standard on everyone. They cant.

The way I see it, the only way this would be fixed (which ofc it wont and this is meerly just a rant of a pissed off guy) is if you picked your gamemode, then your hero and then it matched you, based on skill of the hero you chose. Honestly I assumed that would be how it worked, as it seems to be the logical method.

I honestly hope this gets fixed

EDIT: There should also be an underlying basic skill level that is offset by how you perform on each individual character. That way you dont get matched with complete newbies when you already understand the basics. Its not fun to totally stomp someone, the same way its no fun to get totally stomped.

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