The frustration of a Team-based Gamer

Don't let the title fool you, i really like this game, but there is something really disappointing, that i want to get out.

After a few matches on a friendly german server (I am german) i found a cool crew with about 7 members who are from Level 10 to 26 and helped me a lot. The players are really awesome and this makes so much fun. With a bit of roleplay as a pirate or just the endless funny scenes seeing your friends bursting away are cool as hell. BUT everytime we play on our favourite ship in our favourite faction (Pirates 13 member ship) we just hoping to get in the same ship next round. There is no garantuee, either its just luck or your internet connection that decides, that you can play with your friends… And that is soo frustrating.

We win most of our matches, because our captain is great, our crew motivated and we are working hand in hand, so its only natural for players who lost last match to switch factions. But this comes to the cost that we, especially me, are frustrated after about 3 games in a row.

You could switch to another server once in a while, but servers are either full or empty there is no such thing as in between. AND there is the server leaderboard and every progress not made on the same server is not counting to that…

I hope you unterstand my points, now here are some suggestions:

Make it, so you have parties and party leaders. That way we are automatically on the same boat and our captain is voted by all of the party members.

Clans, Faction, Guilds. Some sort of organisation would be a great help, others can see, that we play together and maybe are more helpful in that direction.

Custom Ships. Similar to Parties, you would designate a crew before you play (maybe with some blank spots for randoms) and you start over and over with that boat, after a match is done.

Matchmaking instead of servers. This is mostly impossible because it would be a completly new approach to the game. You would've made a team and join a match with other teams. (looking at MOBA games or CS:GO or other team based games like Rocket League)

Allowing overfilling to an extend and forcing team switches. I don't know if this would be a good player expierence (ImO not) but it would be a solution. players can join wherever they want but while playing some would switch teams, so that it would be more fair. This is by far the worst solution and i do not recommend it.

TL;DR: Playing with friends is playing russian roulette if you want to play in the same faction on the same boat and thats frustrating.

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