The Eververse drops test. 11,600 Silver, already have all emotes, horns, emblems, ships and shaders.

Before reading, this silver was a gift from the Mrs. purchased at GameStop for Christmas, instead of Xbox Cards, Destiny Silver cards were purchased, because "How can I help you maam?" "I need something for my husband, he plays xbox, and plays Destiny all the time!" "Ok, let me show you these non-refundable Destiny Silver cards over here!."

This test took place on Monday. In preparation for this test, I used silver dust to purchase my missing emotes, horns, sparrows, ships etc.

So, the only things that should be dropping is armor, ornaments, chroma, the 2 new ships, and the 3 new shaders.

The end result: It took all 11,600 silver to acquire 1 set of the Triumph armor on my Titan alone. The very last purchase (400 Silver) allowed me to purchase 2 final packages, and in the first of the 2 packages, I acquired the helmet, completing the set, and unlocking the armor set shader.

In the end, I ended up with tons and tons of consuables, a lot of chroma, a lot of desolate armor etc.

I did get everything however, including the 3 new shaders, and the 2 new ships.

So there are the results. Even with the licenses already acquired for all of the emotes, sparrows, previous ships, emblems, sparrow horns etc, that is how low the drop rate was for the new Triumph armor.

But it does look absolutely awesome with blue chroma equipped.

Sorry I did not take a picture of the front yet. Looks good with the VoG butt towel too.

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