The effects of gear stats.

Block damage is your outgoing chip damage. Basically, how hard you penetrate your opponent's block. I believe Conqueror is immune to chip damage, however.

Block damage resistance is your resistance to incoming chip damage. Basically, how much you can mitigate your opponent's block penetration.

Defense reduces the amount of damage that you take from all sources, acting as a sort of armor. Not sure if it affects bleed.

Attack affects how hard you hit. It does not affect bleed damage (/u/Commander_R79)

Stamina cost reduction reduces (or increases, if negative) the stamina cost of all actions.

Revenge gain on injury affects how much revenge attacks which you do not block generate. This stacks with the outnumbered bonus, and feats.

Revenge defense affects how much yellow armor you get when you activate revenge mode.

Revenge gain on defense affects how much revenge blocked attacks generate. This stacks with the outnumbered bonus, and feats.

Revenge attack affects how much of a damage increase you receive while in revenge mode.

Exhaustion recovery reduces (or increases) the time between your last stamina-consuming action and your stamina regeneration, as well as your stamina recovery speed while out of stamina (grey bar).

Debuff resistance acts similarly to defense, but against debuffs. This includes bleed.

Feat cooldown reduction reduces the cooldown timer on your active feats.

Throw distance increases the distance that you can chuck your opponent during a guard break. It may also affect attacks such as Shugoki's golf swing, as it stems off of a guard break, but I have not tested this.

Revive speed increases the speed at which you can revive fallen allies.

sprint speed and execution health regen are self explanatory… then again, someone thought Throw Distance meant the range on feats… if someone is confused about these two I'll edit it.



  • Revenge mode duration
  • Block damage
  • Attack
  • Revenge mode attack
  • Throw distance


  • Debuff resistance
  • Revenge mode duration
  • Execution health regen
  • Block damage resistance
  • Defense
  • Revenge mode defense
  • Revenge gain by defense
  • Revenge gain by injury


  • Stamina cost reduction
  • Stamina regen
  • Exhaustion recovery
  • Revive speed
  • Movement speed

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