The Dual Katana parry skill “Earthly Flow” works on any attack that hits you during the sidestep

Demonstration featuring:

  • Ogress swipe
  • Ogress firebreath
  • Onryoki swipes (I didn't show it, but it works on ball and chain attacks too)
  • Various Oni, Giant Skeleton and One Eyed Ogre attacks, including a grab. That's right, it can parry grabs.
  • All three of Muneshiggle's Iai strikes
  • And a little warning at the end featuring everyone's favourite enemy…

How Earthly Flow works:

  • Anything that connects with the sidesteps active frames will be parried.
  • Anything that the sidestep moves you physically out of the way of will not be parried.
  • The attack must hit you during the later frames of the sidestep (when the sword starts swiping).
  • The sword strike is a timing guide, but not really important. It can stun smaller enemies if you miss the parry though. (Or break oni horns)
  • You get full invincibility during the animation, but you can get hit after it ends. Be careful when you use it.
  • It's great for getting behind large slow enemies. They can't turn around fast enough to hit you with the rest of their combo.
  • Most human or revenant attacks are too linear (or they're too puny and short ranged) so you just end up sidestepping the attack completely.
  • The bigger the attack, the easier it is to parry with Earthly Flow. eg horizontal sweeping strikes or basically anything One Eyed Ogres do.
  • This is why it's later in the skill tree and mapped to square. So you can have both Shrike and Earthly flow, covering all possible attacks and enemies.

Speculations and thoughts:

I spent quite a few hours getting my head caved in testing this and I couldn't find any other parry skill that works like this one. It's basically a "Yokai boss" parry. Haze works on small skeletons and a couple of random Yokai boss attacks, like Hino Enmas charge, but otherwise doesn't seem to work much. If anyone knows another reliable parry I'd be interested in knowing about it.

I have no idea if Yagyu 3 piece "Parry window increase" bonus actually helps or if its a placebo. I felt like I parried better so I just rolled with it while testing. It's entirely possible it only helped because I believed it helped. That's why this piece of info is in "speculations". 🙂

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