The “Division meets Far Cry” Elephant in the room.

According to the developer intro video, this weekend's closed beta map size represents one of 20ish regions, making the total playable area quite large. Is there any word on how the game will avoid the "Same shit different area" effect that plagued the most recent Far Cry / AC open world titles? If the only thing different is biome type and a few scripted boss encounters, how can this possibly sustain itself?

All it will need is a tower to climb up in order to reveal quests to complete the trope.

This is coming from someone who put a hundred+ hours into titles from Elder Scrolls, Fallout, GTA, Sleeping Dogs etc – but struggles to complete an AC or Far Cry game because their repetitive nature is omnipresent in every aspect.

I really love this world they've crafted, but am greatly concerned it will be devoid of variation at the end of the day.

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