The difference between speed hacking and lag

People don’t seem to understand the difference between to the two because they look so similar. 90% of the videos uploaded in these past two weeks are of people lagging it usually looks like this. Pandacat is playing on like million ping right now and he goes flying randomly after dashing. Why does it happen? Its because from what I have experienced and seen the faster you are moving the father you go if you get a lag spike. People don’t turn on speed hacks and then turn it off it doesn’t work like that. If they did do that they would be banned automatically by anti cheat later.

Real speed hacks look like this. The merc is the same speed hacker that has shown up in a few videos lately. All of his accounts get banned later in the day and have barely gone past lvl 5 because of how smite anti cheat works.

In the front page video of allied vs a player today he can been seen speeding up after using sprint and flying. He was going father because he used sprint and lagged at the same time at no point from the rest of the VOD he doesn’t go flying again (from the sections I watched) even though there were multiple points were it would have been useful like getting from base to lane or to objectives. (where no one would have seen him using it) If he is speed hacking he will be banned.

Also another thing people seem to not understand is that people “only speed up to get away from me” that is not true you will only notice when they get away from you what you don’t notice is the times where people lag into walls causing them to miss farm or miss abilities.

P.S. EAC is trash spyware that does jack shit

More examples of lag and speed hacking

Lag (Game gets bad state just before guy starts lagging)

Speedhacker (same guy as my video diff account only one day apart because his account got banned)

Lag (Notice everyone teleporting)

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