The Current Meta of Blackwake: Ramming with a Hoy/Sloop

TL;DR : Assuming equal crew strengths and ability to board, RAMMING is the meta right now.

  1. 3 holes in them(with nose)
  2. 2 holes in them(with front cannons without the nose)
  3. no pumping on enemy team
  4. actually getting kills

Hey there guys, I'm UberChio, moderator on the UK Ahoy Server, level 35, 97 hours all that fallacy of authority stuff.

Right now, the meta in the two servers that I frequent is RAMMING with a Hoy

Now most captains of a hoy are adverse to RAMMING, for good reason.

Cons of RAMMING 1. You will be immoblized if you use your nose 2. You will sink if the enemy galleon gets on you or your crew is not better than them

But as of right now, all top level players in my server are currently favoring the RAM meta against each other.

The benefits of ramming have already been stated at the top, but the following is for RAMMING a Galleon

Benefits of RAMMING an enemy galleon: *Assume equal fleet prowess

  1. Enemy Galleon cannot fire on Ally Galleon

  2. Ally Galleon has a chance to recover(The main firepower on your team)

  3. Enemy Galleon recieves 4 holes(3 from nose, 1 from firing front cannon whichever side)

  4. Enemy Galleon cannot pump due to being locked in combat with equally good crew(aka if the crew of the galleon try to repair instead of fighting they will lose)

  5. Ally Galleon waits for Enemy Galleon to leave Immobilized Hoy(YOU) and broadside them, putting yet another 5-8 holes

You most likely will sink, but it will hurt them more than it hurts your team with the amount of firepower loss on their side.

If you input this into unequal footing, a team of high level players on a Hoy can easily trade 1 for 1 against a level 20 crew on a Galleon just purely by occupying their time(you dont even have to kill them u just have to make sure they dont pump/repair)

I fully expect RAMMING to be nerfed within the next balance patch if there is ever one.

This is much different from the Grapple/Grapeshot strategy which is very much 50/50 in my opinion

Naturally, if you were do this with an inexperienced crew or a crew who isnt good at boarding or even bunny-hopping around enemy pumpers to distract them, you will most likely fail.

As for now, welcome to the RAM Meta

(at least in the UK Ahoy Server)

Edit: RAMMING a Galleon means RAMMING from his blindspot, to minimize damage taken

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