The Crucible Guard Challenge: Making Destiny “New” Again


Create a new account (or character, if new accounts are not possible on your platform) and level/light level up playing only Crucible and using only weapons and armor acquired via Crucible.


Like many of you, I've been playing since the beta. I play Destiny with most of my immediate family (including my 60+ year old father) and friends; Doing the same old can get a little stale, so we decided to freshen things up… Heck, even if you joined as a Taken Tot, you could be feeling the urge to try something "new" at this point.

As it happens, this challenge ended up being one of the more fun things I've done in years. I don't think it hurt that creating a new Xbox Live account resets your MMR for a few games, but even after I was back "where I belonged" it continued to be a lot of fun. Never since the game first came out was I so excited to receive my first fusion rifle, or get that perfectly rolled green pulse rifle. It will bring about moments where people exclaim things like, "Green hand cannon WITH RANGEFINDER" in chat. It's a re-discovery of Destiny joy.

As we all prepare for a gear reset in Destiny 2, I can almost guarantee this will get you hyped for it. Once that god-roll blue auto rifle drops and you nearly wet your pants, you're going to be all in (I hope). Now to lay down challenge parameters…

What if I don't like Crucible?

This challenge is probably not for you. 🙁 We started this challenge before the special ammo economy changes, so I can understand if it seems a little masochistic (even then). You could theoretically rework the rules below to suit you and enjoy starting over doing PvE as well. Up to you, but here's what I recommend…



  • You must complete enough story missions to get to level 5 and unlock Crucible. I am not aware of any way around this, but the following points apply:
    • Kill only the mobs you must kill to finish the mission
    • Avoid picking anything up – you're just here to get to the meat of the challenge, so run past as much as you can
  • After you unlock Crucible, you must only play Crucible. Exception: Doing the story missions necessary to unlock your 3rd sub-class, when the time comes

Not Allowed

  • Anything gained via non-Crucible means must not be used, and destroyed if possible. This includes:
    • Do NOT use the first special you acquire, via the first story mission chest. You must dismantle it.
    • Do NOT use weapons and armor gained as story mission completion rewards.
    • Do NOT use weapons and armor picked up as engrams during story missions.
    • Do NOT use weapons and armor rewarded for story question completions.
    • Do NOT do non-Crucible bounties.
    • Only Exception: You must start using ONLY the Khvostov auto rifle, the first weapon you pick up.
  • Purchasing weapons from the Gunsmith is NOT allowed. It will turn the fun of the challenge into the Diablo 3 auction house, where you're just waiting for the Gunsmith to sell something perfect. I know it's tempting, but you'll thank me in the long run.


  • Crucible quests, and their rewards, are allowed.
  • Crucible bounties, and their rewards, are allowed.
  • Weapons and armor purchased with currency gained through Crucible is allowed. This includes, for example:
    • Legendary Marks
    • Strange Coins
    • Faction Packages (Assuming reputation is gained only through Crucible)
    • Cryptarch
    • Etc.
  • Weapons and armor acquired via Crucible quests is allowed.
  • Weapons and armor acquired as Crucible match completion rewards are allowed.

tl;dr Only use stuff you get from Crucible – you get the idea.


  • Create an account (or rename) using the following convention: "CrucibleGuard" followed by a 2-digit 0-padded number. For example, my account is "CrucibleGuard03". This way, everyone will know you're doing the challenge! Solidarity!

Personal Highlights:

  • My best hand cannon up until Level 40 was the Mos Calamus I, a surprisingly effective little pee-shooter.
  • Top sniper was a Silvered Boudicca-D I picked up in the 30s range, almost as good as my Event Horizon!
  • If you didn't know, when you level up during a Crucible match you immediately get your super. It can result in some pretty hilarious shenanigans, especially if you use completed bounties to make it happen at the beginning of a match. Here's my favorite instance of this occurring, but totally by accident.
  • Getting to 5 wins on a Trials ticket as 340ish light Guardians. So intense.

TL;DR Came up with a silly challenge for my friends and family and had a lot more fun than expected.

I'd love to hear stories from other Guardians who try this out, cheers!

How-to create a second Destiny-playable Xbox Live Account:

  1. Set your Xbox One to be your home Xbox
  2. Create a new account on the same Xbox
  3. Log into Destiny and enjoy "borrowing" your other account's Live privileges, by playing on the same box

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