The craziest thing happened in WoW today…

Recently I've been actively recruiting for a new healer. I've spent numerous hours skimming through hundreds of recruitment posts. Given our raid times, raiding difficulty expectation, and so on, not many were found/contacted. Well, something crazy happened with one of the people I contacted.

I got him on our Discord server to discuss the details of guild recruitment and all that stuff. To ease the awkward tension that may arise from this type of thing, I let a guildie stay in the channel; it worked well I found.

After we got all the important details out of the way, I switched to a more casual/personal question in regards to where he resides in the world.

Upon mentioning "Maryland", the guildie in the channel chimed up with excitement and the following exchange took place.


The guildie asked the applicant:
• Which city he grew up in; same city.
• What part of the city; same part of the city.
• What street; same street.


At this point, I'm sitting there in awe on how far this has gotten. So the applicant asks the guildie's name, upon answering the guildie added a friend's name he grew up with and his parents' names. The next thing we hear is the applicant say is "dude, I know you…".

Because I had stated the applicant's name at the beginning (Mark), he said "what's your name? Mark…." and instantly remembers this guy's last name.

So, I apparently recruited this guy's grade school friend that he hadn't seen or spoke to in 7 years…

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