The Combat System

Hello everyone. So, first things first, I want to congratulate Funcom for the current state of the game. Sure, there is a lot of things yet to do, but the atmosphere of Exiles feels really right. Once again, you guys made a really good job in creating an vibrant ambiance, like in Age of Conan or in the Secret World.

So, I would like to speak about the combat system. It's not about the graphical gore, that I like (Conan for the win), but as of today, it feels messy and rather poor. I have the feeling that outside of hack 'n' slashing your ennemy and hoping that you have more health and/or a better weapon.

I know that if I wanted a very developped fighting system, I would just go and play For Honor. I obsviously don't expect such a deep system, but however, I think that some small mechanisms could improve the overall experience. So here are my suggestions, but keep in mind that I'm not a programmer or have any knowledge in computer magic, so it's may be to hard to do….

  • Having a better block/parry system, with a counter-attack system. For exemple, with right click, you enter in guard stance, if you have a shield or a weapon, and if you click left at the right time (when you are about to get hit), you block your opponent and can place a quick attack. That would make the combat a little bit more strategic.

    • Receiving an attack will stop your strong attack. It's may be a little too powerful, but that could pace a little bit the fights and avoid the interrupted "Slash slash slash" that we have actually. However, in order not to make the strong attacks useless, a balancing mechanism have to be done. Maybe a chaining system, where it's faster to place a strong attack just after a light one?
    • Being able to use your feets : kicking an opponent to push him back a little and being able to have a better control of your surrounding.

That's just some ideas I had, in order to make the fighting system a little bit more strategic. Is there any plans to improve it in the future? Maybe I missed something. And is there any other ideas that come up to your mind?

Thank you for your attention, and stay strong Exiles !

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