The Chronicles of the Exiled Lands

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A long, long time ago, in what we call the Hyborian Age, there was a land ruled by the worst beings of the Hyborian kingdoms: rapists, murderers, gamblers, thieves…


Freed by Conan the Madman from their well deserved punishments, they returned to their horrible habits, filling the Exiled Lands with blood, lust and corruption.


In the far east, a message claiming for aid was received from the Hyborian kingdoms. Horrified by the evil acts of sinful men and women, the anachronically present chinese nation sent waves of their worst best warriors to cleanse the Exiled Lands.


These oriental warriors invaded the Hyborian lands, slaughtering its inhabitants, and conveniently placed thousands of 1×1 guard posts to bring order to the region.


But the barbarian clans of the Exiled Lands stopped murdering and stealing each other and unified so that they could push the invaders back.


It was in one of these cruel and massive battles when Crom, sitting on his mountain, laughed so hard that the earth began to shake. All the chinese 1×1 watchtower crumbled, dismantling the nation's control network. Sadly, the exiled barbarians also suffered heavy damages in their villages and structures.


In that situation, where the population was decimated, centuries old structures were lost and the available resources low, the remaining barbarians returned to their old and brute habits: alliances broke, and so did the necks of their members.


And so it came to be that Crom was pleased with Conan's work.


Important note: Don't kill me in-game please 🙂

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