The big problem is that they lost what they originally advertised

The main feature that they advertised were coordinated and strategic efforts. Coordinated and perfectly executed plans are THE MOST SATISFYING THING IN THIS GAME! This could've been the first game to actually do something like this really well, but I think this was lost with their focus on making a huge map. Dunno why that was their goal, don't they know that size doesn't matter…………. 😉 But seriously! What they should've focused was on giving us enough tools to approach it in different ways. They kinda hint at that, but obviously didn't spend enough time on it because they wanted to show everyone how big their map dick is. They hinted towards using our environment by adding power generators, light panels, alarm systems, and gates only for ppl from that base. But that's it, and guess what, those things hardly have a real impact on your game. If you turn the power off they still detect you at the same rate and automagically know where you are. The place should be pitch black and force us to use night vision in order to see, but hey still see the same way. Turn off the light panel? Same detection rate. Turn off the alarm? Back up still arrives. Why add these things if they don't have a noticeable impact on enemy behavior? Night time arrives…. well they just sleep in a tent…. possibly the only noticeable impact on behavior.

Look at how they advertised the first gameplay, they used stealth, sniper support, distractions, communication between players, and the environment to execute their plans. This should be the meat of the game, seeing how we all execute plans differently, how we use our environment differently. When we look at each other's gameplay we should be like "omg i didn't think of that, let me go and try that!". Now when you play the beta and you look at most of the missions or side missions, almost none of the environments or situations are designed to have a satisfying payoff or for us to use many different strategies. Now i know what you're gonna say "you can do stealth or go in guns blazing". Detection vs. undetected are not the only play styles. It's like saying here's a kitchen, you can cook meals that suit your tastes, but the cupboard only has kraft dinner, and peanut butter and jam with some bread. There is only so much I can do with that! What I'm saying is the devs have to add more ingredients in the kitchen then we can actually make something according to our tastes. But the kraft dinner and pb&j sandwich is basically what they did with this game. Look at where enemies are, they just drop enemies into a random location and say "approach anyway you want". As if the game is called "Any way you want Recon" it's called Ghost Recon! Help us be ghosts! To be ghosts they have to give us enough things in the environment (the kitchen) that'll help us approach a strategy in many different situations. And design the bases in a way where we can use different things that actually impact enemy behavior. Every encounter looks too copy and paste right now.

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