The beta – my final thoughts.

So people probably won't care about my opinion on the beta but nevertheless I'd like to express my view on the subject.

Part 1: Performance and Graphics. This is a stupid subject considering the beta state that we all played. However, I think people massively overreacted to the poor performance (although if the game simply wouldn't load for you then I send you my feels). For me, a guy with a 1060, 16gb RAM and an AMD FX 6300 Black, I was able to run the game at a solid 40-50 FPS. For me that was more than enough as I didn't expect it to run well at all. The graphics settings were great and offered a lot of customizability for players. The Graphics were also on point, surpassing my expectations tremendously. The night setting was a little underwhelming and didn't really forced you to use NVGs, which is both good and bad, but the overall impression was a beautiful setting just like R6 and The Division.

Part 2: Gameplay Personally the game played really well in terms of the methods of play. Stealth and Loud options were both extremely rewarding though it surprises me that people don't really notice dead bodies on the floor, or at least i didn't realise they did. One thing that was underwhelming, though, was the skills. I found most of the skills to not really make a lot of a difference and could do with a buff. In addition to this, the missions felt fairly repetitive and not creative enough for my liking, although the setting was vastly different each time.

Part 3: The Map The map looked brilliant. After glitching out of the map several times I have to say it looks very impressive. Different play areas other than military bases and cities populate the rest of the map, such as mines and airports, and the verticality of the map is seriously impressive. The only problem with this glitch is that many of the buildings did not exist, which is hardly a problem as I expect them to be added soon.

Part 4: Overall verdict. I could write a longer piece detailing all of the aspects of the game but it is a very good game so far and I will be pre-ordering it soon (and that's something as I have never pre-ordered a game before). I'd rate the beta an 8.7/10 but when all the issues are solved it has the potential, so long as missions/regions aren't repetitive, for a 10/10.

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