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I was in Zora's Domain doing Water Devine Beast Vah Ruta quest, and I found a little boy who catches frogs and sells them to earn extra money because his mother is missing. He told me his mother went missing during the divine beast's raging but he still believes his mother is alive and just doing her job and will come home one day. I thought this poor boy's mother was just one of many victims of the disaster due to the divine beast and didn't care too much. After defeating the divine beast and restoring peace back to the village, when everyone is happy and cheering for the victory, I was stopped by a construction worker called Fronk. He told me his wife Mei still hasn't come home, and I suddenly realize it's the boy's mother he's talking about and he is the father. No one seems to care Fronk's problem, no one cares a nobody like Fronk because they are having a celebration for a victory that saved the world. But for Fronk and his son, Mei is the world. It doesn't matter for Fronk and his son if the world is saved or not without Mei. So I was 100% sure that Mei was dead when the little boy told me the story, but Fronk gave me some hope. Fronk told me she went missing when she was fishing in Zora River so I started searching from the upstream all the way to the downstream but nothing. I also tried from East Reservoir Lake to Rutala River, and there is still no good news. Fronk then told me she has probably been washed all the way to the Hylia River and might be ended up in Lake Hylia. Therefore Lake Hylia is my last chance, I went there and I started from the east of the Lake. I walked on the cliffs along the lake and tried not to miss any spot. Finally, I found Mei fishing on a small island within Hylia Island in the Lake Hylia and it seems she lost part of her memory but she eventually managed to return home back to her family, and I feel much happier than saving the world.

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