The Art of Destiny

Literal art. Like pretty pictures and stuff, not gun-fu or anything.

This post is mostly an introduction to new-comers to DTG or anyone who just never saw my previous posts. I’m Vitfall, and I have no life collect the pictures posted on Specifically, the pictures they use on “This Week at Bungie” and “Player Focus”, which are found at the top of and near the bottom, respectively.

Here is a link to the album I keep on Imgur of these pictures. They are most usually updated the same day that Bungie posts them, though some times I don’t notice immediately. For best viewing results, I recommend right-clicking the picture and opening it in a new tab.

Bungie Weekly Update/Player Focus pictures.

In case you were curious, these pictures are supplied by Elliot Gray, Senior Graphic Designer at Bungie. I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall mention that Cozmo may have had a hand in them as well. Not sure. (If you were extra curious, this tweet shows off some of his favorites).

If you like seeing these types of shots, be sure to bookmark a link to that album. I won’t make a new album without linking it both in the existing one and on DTG here, likely in a rambling post like this one. I don’t think it’ll ever happen, but maybe it’ll have loading problems one day, or I may want to start a new one for Destiny 2- who knows. I’ve had people ask me for permission to use these pictures for various reasons: I don’t own them guys. It’s all Bungie’s stuff. I don’t think they’ll be offended by you using them, but it’s not on me to give permission.

Have fun out there Guardians.

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