The analysis from the casters on silverbranch bow (picked up by funballer) is pretty poor

Hindu and Taco talking about what funballer might build next

Hindu and Taco talks about Funballer picking up silverbranch bow after ichaival

Why do they focus so much on the MP steal element of the item?

Silverbranch bow has the exact same stats as ichaival, and it doesn’t matter whether you hit a minion, a physical enemy, a magical enemy, you get the same power stacks for yourself.

Honestly, it seems incredibly obvious why funballer got the double ichaival, both of them combined are 3400 gold, provide 60% AS, 20 flat pen and after 3 stacks, he gets 60 power too, the passives are icing on the cake and sometimes it doesn’t matter about reducing your enemy’s power like in a teamfight, you just wanna do as much dps to the person in front of you and the build helps you do that.

So plz, those 2 items give the same dps increase no matter who you hit, if thats what you’re only concerned with, why not build it.

Taco goes on and on about funballer reducing the damage from nox but, when is funballer ever gonna be anywhere near nox? Her entire kit allows her to kite away from the enemy. And she mentions, ‘look how much damage that nox ult did to zeus’, mate, nox ult is a long range shot which she can use at the start of a fight or to help someone find a pick, its not like funballer can purposely find nox in a fight and start autoing her, he can block nox ult with a pillar if he really wanted.

I’m still getting into games and seeing players build ichaival vs magicals like in a 1v1 because they think ichaival gives a different dps increase than silverbranch bow, people need to know better when to build it and why someone may build silver after ich.

Edit: Added the conversation about what funballer was gonna build next.

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