The amount of traits you need in 7.1.5 to get artifact traits on 7.2. launch – a reference sheet

TLDR; 35 for doing the Empowered 7.2. questline, 36 for the first 7.2 trait, 41 for the second, 46 for the third, and 51 for the fourth.

Extra ‘spare’ AP (AP that doesn’t contribute to getting a trait immediately) now in 7.1.5 at a max AK rank of 25 is going to mean little with 7.2. as the AK values continue to scale. As of the latest data (Feb 28th PTR) AK scales to 50, with AP requirements adjusting accordingly.

Therefore that little extra AP you get via some 7.1.5 paragon traits is rendered moot with AK scaling. HOWEVER getting traits out the gate in 7.2. is an actual power increase. This post is noting the breakpoints regarding which 7.1.5 ranks give you 7.2 traits. If you care quite a bit about your power level at 7.2. launch, this post might be useful to you. If you don’t, just remember that AK will help you catch you up extremely quickly since it curves out far steeper now in 7.2. than in 7.1.5.

At the base level, you DO need your Artifact Weapon to be at Level 35 for the new Empowered Traits and 7.2. traits AND completing the Empowered questline.

7.1.5 Level 7.2. Traits
35 1.00
36 1.00
37 1.20
38 1.41
39 1.63
40 1.87
41 2.08
42 2.28
43 2.49
44 2.71
45 2.93
46 3.13
47 3.33
48 3.53
49 3.74
50 3.96
51 4.15
52 4.34
53 4.54
54 4.75

The major breakpoints then are 35, 36, 41, 46 and 51. Of special note if you fully max out your weapon at Rank 54, you are 75th of the way to your 5th 7.2. trait, or around ~5 million AP off. The effort to get that ~5 million on 7.2 will continually fall with rising AK values (AK 25 5 million is , but if you argue ‘most bang for your buck’, try getting to 51 AP level NOW which will get you 4 traits immediately on the 7.2 PTR and you will be in the same league as people who have maxed their Artifact weapon in 7.1.5.

As always the values are subject to change as 7.2. PTR continually develops, but this should help those planning out their AP grind. You don’t need that off spec to be at 54, you can be at 51 instead rather than try to grind out the last three AP levels. Or if you are thinking of rerolling to another class, the breakpoints will be useful in noting how much AP you might want for a specific number of 7.2. traits in launch week. There is merit to getting to 54, however you can scoot by with 51 for now and not be an entire trait behind other people since AK will close that gap between 51 and 54 (that’s 7.1.5 ~13 million AP) extremely quickly.

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