The 10 Things You REALLY Need To Do In Year Before Destiny 2

You may have seen that other list that mentioned things like beating the raid… blah, blah, blah… but that's no fun. Here's the real 10 things you need to do!

  1. Kill yourself with your rocket launcher: The strike boss is on his last legs… you have one Gjallahorn rocket left. You aim, it's all but over… and someone from your fireteam jumps right in front of you. Have you checked this off your list yet? Of course you have.

  2. Finish with the worst K/D in a Crucible match and get the only good drop: I've found anything above a 0.52 K/D eliminates you from the loot pool of desirable gear.

  3. Watch a noob get blasted out of the doorway in the Cayde's Stash mission: I mean, I know I died the first time I jumped over there. But the real fun is standing back and watching someone else try it for the first time!

  4. Disturb the remains: It looks like this will be in the new Record Book, and that's kind of awesome. I remember spending many hours shooting into that cave hoping to see a flash of yellow or purple. And once patched, Bungie gave us a fun memorial.

  5. Never get that one thing (ship, emblem, shader… whatever) you've desperately want while someone else in your fireteam gets it for the 5th time and dismantles it in front of you: Sigh. That one hurt to type.

  6. Get the Crux of Crota to drop: Hahaha… just kidding. If you don't have it, it's never going to drop.

  7. Ruin your fireteam's raid: Because you 1) forgot to cleanse the folks killing the oracles, 2) got smashed by Crota because you wanted just one more hit with the sword, 3) slipped off the platform during the Oryx fight or 4) glided over Aksis with your Warlock jump and missed the slam.

  8. Shotgun then melee a Blade Dancer: You see them coming, they're full health, you know you're dead… but their blade stops short (because reasons) and your Matador/Thunderstrike kills them. Wait… is this one just me?

  9. Fall off during the climb to Felwinter's Peak again and again and again and again…: FeelsBadMan

  10. Have fun: I've never given so much time to a game in my life. I joined Reddit specifically for DTG. Sure, I've had my own "Bungo Please" moments… but those pale in comparison to the awesome time I've had making new virtual friends and destroying virtual enemies. I can't wait for D2!

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