Thanks to the Heroic PUG Tich group I raid lead that appreciated my efforts as RL. Makes PUGGING feel better.

I am an 892 equipped ilvl Havoc Demon Hunter who often raid leads PUGs. Since Warlords I have taken up PUG raiding, and a lot of the times I'm leading them since I'm just another DPS and I feel comfortable leading.

We downed Heroic Tich after 5 attempts. Could have easily been one, but small screwups by people and not focusing enough on adds late in fight. Each time a couple people left or we had to trim the fat if despite asking for 890+ they didn't know how to do everything properly even with instructions before the fight.

The first few attempts we wiped around 3-4% without even being close to enrage, so lack of mechanics. The 4th attempt went really bad due to one of the tanks screwing up badly which the managing of adds and he left after, so we had to then bring in another one who knew the fight. The fifth attempt went relatively smoothly, which lead to people being gracious and actually telling me thanks for being patient after we got the kill and loot.

A lot of PUG groups disband at the first sight of failure, and although I wanted to down Tich on the first attempt and we could have, it's nice for persistence to be rewarded and for people to be gracious towards the PUG Raid Leader who went through the work and time it took to form the group starting with just myself, to eventually getting the group of randoms who would down Heroic Tich.

Not a big milestone or anything, but I do find it cool as a PUG-only player I am 10/10 N and 8/10 H now.

Thank you, random guys in Jemonhunter's raid group. Makes me feel better when people are thankful for their RL.

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