Thanks to some M’fing Champions

I started a new Druid on a new server, very little resources/friends. Flash forward 109 levels later and 1 very informative (and funny) Reddit post ( I decided to give my weekly mythic quest a shot. I play Guardian….but I wasn't going to try and tank mythics at 798 gear score. So I picked up feral spec, Icy-Veinsed my rotation and build and went about making a group.

Put in the group finder that I needed some M'fing champions to help me gear my char and put it for Violet hold. Sure enough within 10 minutes I had a full group! Now My dps was terrible…like absolute trash. They made a few jokes here and there but they were cool about it and for that I just wanted to say thank you to you glorious bastards that helped me. 3 more runs and a nightmare chest later I'm 832 now. I'm ready to go back to tanking (though ill start with heroics) and Pay it forward to the next M'Fing Champion in training. They just might have to wait a little bit longer though lol.

Thanks again Reddit for keeping me ocupied at work and giving me knowledge for Wow haha!.


*Edit – Added link to other post.

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