Thank You Guerrilla Games

This is simply an appreciation thread for Horizon: Zero Dawn – I hear some of the Devs are around on Reddit so I wanted to express my thanks!

First of all, my real measure on a truly epic game is a game that makes you remember parts years from now, like FF VII still makes me remember when you escape from Midgar and the Shin-Ra music… or how in MGS you first sneak into Shadow Moses, slowly removing your gear in the lift… or in Grandia when Justin, Sue and Feena first embark on their journey… basically I like a good game but with an even stronger story & lore.

Horizon has these in abundance, obviously only time will tell but I completed Horizon in full (yay Platinum trophy) two days ago and I already wish I could go back and experience it again "first time"

From the first time you see discover "The Old Ones" as young Aloy and read and listen back to their stories (incredible having the voice clips, gives so much more emotion to the back story!) to the first time you come across a Tallneck, to the world opening up as you progress and you discover more outside the safety of the Embrace!

Amazing game, fantastic graphics, a strong lead that is curious and adventurous… I love it! Thank You, I will definitely hold memories from this game for years to come and looking forward to what you guys bring next!


A Very Big Fan 🙂

PS: Ted Faro was a total douchebag!!

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