Thank you Guerrilla Games for an incredible ride

40 (something) year old PC gamer here.

Having recently completed Witcher 3 and it's superb DLC's on the PC I was left with that empty feeling. Then I purchased a PS4 Pro to experience exclusives and was immediately left with that empty feeling after finishing Uncharted 4, Until Dawn and Infamous Second Son…and now it's happened again.

Onto Horizon. I was already intrigued by the post-apocalyptic world and what had happened to mankind before it. You all at GG have produced something incredible, something that a player can always recall a memorable moment that will live with them forever – this makes a great game. Doom, Half Life, Mass Effect they all have these moments.

From the moment little Aloy fell into those ruins I was hooked and wanted to learn more about 'the old ones'. The fluid, almost lifelike animations of your robotic 'Zoids' is an achievement in itself. The way the story peacefully unfolds as Aloy explores ruins is great – no fighting just learning. The world is beautiful and a joy to travel across – even post game completion. I cannot even begin to understand how difficult it was to get such a high level of performance from the PS4 but you did it and turned heads for those who play on other platforms.

I finished the main campaign with 65hrs played and have a few side quests and the boring (I'm not a fan) timed lodge stuff to do still. I wish I could turn back time, forget everything and re-play the game again…I really want more.

I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations for giving gamers something special.

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