Thank you

Thank you Platinum games, Square Enix and Yoko and all the staff involved for bringing to life such an outstanding game.

Nier Automata is officially my favorite game of all times.

Never did I get such emotions from playing a video game, be it from mere gameplay or the story line.

The gameplay and level design are just phenomenal ! The lady boss battle made me go "wao, this is genius !". And man, little did I know this was only a fragment of what Nier had to offer (let's not even discuss the final boss battles in C…).

I am not much of a completionist, and in most games I end up not doing the side quests, and just rush the end game.

Boy that did not happen in Nier ! Every single side quest is beneficial to the game, and gets you to understand the main plot even more. And for once: finally a game where the fricking side quests are not repetitive !!

And let's not forget the soundtrack… Woo.

I finished ending C last night, after roughly 40h of gaming: I cannot wait to dive right back in, and unlock endings D and E !

But I just had to get it out. Thank you sirs, thank you for being such masterminds.

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