Team Ninja really needs to fix the skill tree

I love that we can respec infinitely and try new builds and junk but Team Ninja really should add some QoL changes to the skill tree. Perhaps a Borderlands approach and let us allot the skill points and confirm all at once instead of having us confirm every. single. one. It would give us the opportunity to make sure everything is as it should be and if we run out of people into before we get to where we need to be, we can go back and change things. It's the main reason why I hesitate to try new builds. Redoing skill points takes way longer than it should. Also, if the amount of skill points we have in a tree is insufficient to buy any skill available, can we please not have the notification letting us know we have points to use? I know I have 1 samurai point to use. But the cheapest thing I have left are the mystic artes so it does nothing but take up screen space. Or just add a toggle all together to turn off those notifications. Unless there already is one and I'm just blind.

While we're at it, this isn't a huge issue but there should also be a way to increase quantity for levels or buying/selling items by 10. You know, like most games will do when you press the left or right directional button. Or at least speed up how fast the number changes the longer you hold it down.

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