Tank statistics for the top 30 guilds

This data is based on progress, meaning on their first kill. Note that wowprogress is only accurate for knowing which characters were present, but I double-checked these lineups (please let me know if any are wrong though). These are non-asian guilds, as I couldn't find information about the raid setups of top Asian guilds.

Most popular tanks:

36 druid

11 monk

5 warrior

5 paladin

2 DK

(total count is 59 instead of 60 due to Fusion, see below)

Two obvious things stand out: the top 30 guilds are averaging more than 1 druid (36 druids over 30 guilds), and no Demon Hunters.

Most popular combinations:

druid/druid 9

druid/monk 8

druid/paladin 5

druid/warrior 3

Here's what each guild used:

Exorsus: monk/warrior (note that their gul'dan kill and subsequent re-clears of other bosses used a druid, but 9/10 progression bosses used warrior)

Serenity: monk/druid (druid/paladin on 1 kill, star augur, note that many guilds below also used paladin solely for augur)

Method: monk/druid (druid/druid for augur and botanist)

From Scratch: druid/druid

FatSharkYes: druid/paladin

Limit: druid/warrior (druid/paladin for 2 kills, druid/druid for 1)

Entropy: druid/paladin

Openness: druid/paladin

Danish Terrace: monk/DK

ScrubBusters: druid/monk

Prestige: druid/druid

Nova: druid/druid

Pieces: druid/druid

Easy: druid/druid

Impact: druid/druid

Embody: druid/warrior

Midwinter: druid/warrior

SNF: druid/druid

Fusion: druid (no other consistent tank)

NollTvåTre: druid/monk

Honestly: druid/paladin

Эйфория (euphoria?): druid/druid

Sidestep: druid/monk

In flagrantì: warrior/monk

Exploding Labrats: druid/monk (used DH for a kill and a re-clear kill, rare sighting of DH)

Alacrity: druid/druid

Encore: druid/monk

Rak Gaming: druid/DK

Ecology: druid/paladin

Innominatum: druid/monk

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