Switching Hosting Providers

My server at Survival Servers has been unreliable at best for almost a week. It goes down without warning and pings back a status unknown in the control panel. When it has been up I have experienced lagging and hitching. I am looking to run an RP server community and wanted to launch this community this weekend. However, the server is unreliable and I can not launch with good faith that my players will have a good experience and this will cost me players.

I have made the decision to switch hosting companies. My question is as follows. I have players that have started building and have played as testers for me for about a week If I were to switch server hosting companies is there a way to transfer the game files from 1 host to the other so that they do not lose progression. I was thinking about giving them a head start with extra xp to make up for the loses but if I can just transfer the files via FTP that would solve everything.

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