Surprisingly little buzz around the Japan’s Bravest set

There's a handful of go-to sets, it seems (Red Demon, WotW, Kingo, Kaido, Obsidian) but I don't think I've ever seen Japan's Bravest mentioned. And after looking through all the set bonuses… I'm surprised. Admittedly you don't get the same degree of "from behind" damage you would with Kingo – but let's look at what you DO get.

  • 2 Pieces: Damage Reduction: 2.0%, Skill Damage (Tornado): +30%.
  • 4 Pieces: Close Combat Damage: +10.2%, Increase Attack & Defense (Kara-Jishi): +10
  • 5 Pieces: Life: +134
  • 6 Pieces: Skill Damage: +17.4%

Now, admittedly Tornado isn't great – but that's clearly not a dealbreaker, given how popular WotW is despite boosting Tiger Sprint. And it seems to me that for a skill-based build, which a lot of builds seem to be focused on for the majority of their damage (Reaper/Blade Spin, Windstorm, Heaven and Earth, etc.) this is just a phenomenal set. Big boost to skill damage, no electrified/scorched strings attached… hell, it even has synergy with Kara-Jishi, who's a top-tier pick for skill-spammy builds anyways!

It's even decently easy to farm the crafting materials for (Writhing Tongue) given that you'll get at least a few through normal gameplay and the boss that drops it has a standalone 1 on 1 mission, so you don't have to keep speedrunning a stage.

So what am I missing? Are people really that put off by weighty armor?

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