Supremacy: Probably NOT the Best Gametype to Showoff the new Ammo Economy

(My thoughts following a couple days of straight Iron Banner…)

I admire that Bungie is trying to slide Special Weapons into the Secondary Option slot behind Primaries, and while some experimentation is always welcome, the timing and nature of the patch in combination with the poorly chosen Supremacy for Iron Banner is taking a bad side effect of the new economy and exacerbating it considerably.

  • Supremacy is a gametype that promotes CQB play. You can shut down a lane or get a triple snipe, but if nobody picks up the crests, your efforts account for nothing. Moving as a group is advantageous, and rushing an opponent is rewarded. In a 3v1 encounter, the act of taking out 2 opposing players only to be killed by the third will often net you no points unless you managed to snag BOTH crests.

  • The new special ammo economy leaves guardians who don't use sidearms, Invective, Universal Remote, or Last Word with absolutely no CQB options outside of melee or hipfiring, neither of which are realistic counter options 9 times out of 10.

  • Getting a perpetual spawn rush is now easier than ever, since the attacking side knows exactly what weapons the defending players will be using. I have been on the giving and receiving end of this for the last couple days.

  • Why are so many players using sidearms? Honestly, it's not because they're "try-hards" like most people who do a hard Meta switch after every patch, but because they are desperate for realistic CQB options which don't exist anymore.

So yeah, those are my current thoughts on Supremacy. I should add that I DO like the heightened use of primary use and hope that continues in the future.

My solution: Every Shotgun, Fusion, and Sniper should spawn with 2 rounds each. It's enough to defend a spawn rush or provide a backup option in a gunfight, but not enough to rely on as a primary option.

tl;dr – Restricting the CQB options and then choosing a CQB gametype for Iron banner is doing nothing but force people to adopt the same guns. This is killing the fundamental pillar of Choice Destiny has always aspired to provide.

Sound off with your thoughts below. Agree or Disagree? Keep it civil.

edit: Yay! A Downvote within 30 seconds of posting.

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