Suppressor critique

  1. It's good to know we have the option in game to remove and equip a suppressor but does removing it really make that much of a difference in time to kill? Is it just me, because I can't tell the difference. Now I can see the difference in games like Division and Destiny where your enemies are sponges and require a lot of damage to take down, but don't really see the difference in GRW where the time to kill is pretty quick and realistic. Have you guys noticed a difference in "stopping power"? I really haven't, so in my opinion there's almost no need or incentive to remove the suppressor at all.

  2. Suppressors aren't that silent in real life that ppl can't hear them at all. In the game we sneak up on on enemies with suppressors, even with submachine guns or ARs suppressed and take about a bunch of ppl without alerting anyone in anyway. Suppressors aren't that quiet, they muffle a lot of noise from the gun but you can still hear something. What makes a gun ridiculously quiet is subsonic and supersonic ammo, combined with a suppressor, gunfire can become ridiculously quiet………. but you still hear something so it's not exactly dead silent to others as the game makes it look by the lack of awareness of the enemy GI. I mean bodies still hit the ground and create a sound too, you're telling me the guy two feet away didn't hear anything at all?? IF the devs consider this, it could actually add another element to the game…. subsonic and supersonic ammo! This could be added to the game in rare and limited supply so when ppl are taking out enemies stealth, they'll have to check if they have enough, they'll have to plan to get some more through scavenging around the map or finding some off enemies, and they'll be more careful when going stealth because every shot will count since that type of ammo is harder to acquire.

With that being said I think they should add a "realistic" toggle for gun sounds, where even if your weapon is suppressed the enemies AT LEAST become curious as to where the sound came from because suppressors don't make gun fire dead silent. Let them also hear a body drop and get closer to investigate… they are on guard after all so they'll be more keen to keeping their ears open to anything suspicious. (This is where moving bodies comes into play and stealth knife kills so you could make no noise and drag the body away 😉 oh and even team work so enemies close together are taken out in succession and quickly, like a true ghost!). I am suggesting this as a toggle option though because I know getting this realistic is not for everyone, but it can be an option for those who want more realism added to their play.

I still enjoy the game though, that's not a make or break thing for me, just think having these little things shows some thought behind a realistic setting. What do you guys think?

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