Supercell, let clan leaders ‘decorate’ clan members instead of giving them admin-like privileges.

I'm a clan leader/owner and, while I appreciate the need to acknowledge commitment to the clan, I'm terrified of an Elder or Co-Leader going bananas one day and cleaning the clan out entirely (seeing it more and more lately).

My idea: Clans could benefit from allowing Leaders to decorate members. Reward a special little badge next to their name, visible everywhere in the game. One for being great at donations (a gold medal?). One for winning a mountain of crowns for the clan every other clan chest (a trophy?). Another that represents longevity.

In fact, the longevity decoration could be automatic. It starts the day you join a clan and the longer you stay, the higher the decoration. Switch clans? Start from scratch.

They wouldn't come with any other priveleges or reward, but they'd still be fun to earn and members can be thanked for being active without being given keys to literally unlock the clan.

This is just a green thought I've had so I'm not certain on the specifics.

(I know I'm echoing many thoughts already shared on reddit and elsewhere, but…) clans in Clash Royale really need some work going forward. Something like this could be tremendous.

Thoughts or suggestions?

(Also, sorry if his has been suggested elsewhere and I missed it. Really did think of this just now. So if the idea is already out there can someone link me to the discussion?)

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