Summon PonPon! A few ideas for Wisdom tab and so on

Ok, so if you haven't heard, PonPon got a new position in HiRez. As of now he is in charge of few things including the notorious Wisdom tab. And this thread is going to be all about that tab.

I have a few proposals for the new tab, and I'm going to go through them in order:

1) New and improved tutorial videos.

So the wisdom tab has tutorial videos for many gods, yet most of them are outdated (Vulcan is a Guardian and so on) Also the Conquest tutorial has the old map. New players need good tutorials to learn, at the moment you have to go to youtube to actually learn things. This leads to my second point

2) List of Smite youtubers and streamers with two sub categories.

First of all a list of informative smite youtubers should exist. It would give the tubers well needed advertising and helping the community to understand the game better. Dukesloth should have a place on that list. Also prostreamers who play and stream mainly ranked should be under this category.

The second subcategory should be for entertaining streamers and youtubers (peeps like Mythymoo and Incon (the guy is a pro, but he is mostly entertaining, with bits of information added in)) that way new players wouldn't think that full hp ymir would be a justified build in ranked and so on.

3) List of God matchups

Self-explaining I think

4) The game IDs of Pro Games.

For learning all the shenanigans of Pros, it would be pretty damn nice to watch the Spl games from spectator view, as the cameraman in the actual games can't show us everything (things like jungler's farm routes and so on)

5) List of all chests and things they contain

It is implemented in Paladins, so why not in SMITE. Wisdom tab would be the best place for it. Or showing all the items under the chest like it is in paladins.

6) All the patch notes ever, readable ingame.

Let the people who come back read all the patch notes from one place ingame. It would be helpful.

7) The formulas (mitigation and so on)

I'm not sure if the formulas for damage, pen and antiheal can be found anywhere in game, so adding them to Wisdom tab would be nobrainer. Let us do the math without checking The Book of Thoth every time.

8) Strategy section which can be modiefied by users

Basically ingame forum for discussing the best tactics in different game modes.

Ok guys, these are my 8 cents, any thoughts?

P.S: Could someone summon PonPon, I'm new to reddit and don't know how to do it myself

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